Fuzzy Mud Summary

Fuzzy Mud Summary

In the young adult novel, "Fuzzy Mud", readers get to experience the daily life of two adolescent characters, Tamaya and Marshall. Tamaya is a young girl whose parents have recently divorced. She splits her time during the week between her parents and often feels like she is always missing out with her friends due to traveling. Her mother pays to send her to a very prestigious school in their town. Since Tamaya is younger, she asks a neighbor boy, Marshall, to walk with her to school each day.

During the school year a new student, Chad, moves into Marshall's class. Everyone is fascinated by his stories of trouble and violence that he takes part in. No one wants to rub him the wrong way, in fear that he will retaliate against them. One day during lunch, Marshall comments on one of Chad's stories causing him to lash out in anger. Little does Marshall know, there is a deeper lying hurt that has causes Chad to become so angry with him. Chad tells Marshall in front of the whole cafeteria that he wants him to meet him after school so they can fight.

In an effort to avoid the fight, Marshall guides Tamaya home through the woods. She is worried that they are going to be in trouble and Marshall assures her that it is a shortcut. Unfortunately, the students get lost and split up to find their way out. Who does Tamaya stumble into but Chad, who is looking for Marshall. Marshall comes running, trying to defend Tamaya, but Chad hits him and begins to attack him. Tamaya, quick to react, grabs a nearby handful of mud and shoves it in Chad's face. This provides the students an opportunity to run home, leaving Chad in the woods.

That evening and into the next day, Tamaya begins to show terrible symptoms on her hands and arm from exposure to the mud. She suddenly realizes that whatever is happening to her arm, must be happening to Chad's face as well. She leaves the school and rushes into the woods in search of Chad. She finds him and tells him that she is there to help him. Some heart-to-heart conversation uncovers some of the root of Chad's anger and the students attempt to make their way out of the woods.

Meanwhile, Marshall discovers that Tamaya is missing from school and also escapes to go save her. When he finds the two students in the woods, he is surprised to discover that they have become friends and assists them out of the woods. Eventually, all three students are covered in a rash from the mud and are weary from their journey out of the woods. Fortunately, they are rescued by a search team and taken to the hospital for treatment.

In the end, the doctors learn that an experimental fuel alternative has mutated into this dangerous fuzzy mud that the students were exposed to. It causes a massive outbreak in the area and some people die from exposure. Eventually, they find a cure and all three students make a full recovery. Not only physically, but also as friends.

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