Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights Boobie Miles Today

In Bissinger's follow-up novella After Friday Night Lights, the author explores the lives of many of the players from his book after Permian football. In particular he visits Boobie Miles in 2012. He now lives with his girlfriend La Donna in a small house in Kermit Texas. He weighs 315 pounds and has been recently diagnosed with diabetes. Booby is a shadow of his former self. He struggles to pay the bills. He must also pay child support to his estranged wife for his twins born in 2000. He also must pay support for another child born out of wedlock. Bissinger talks to Boobie about his financial challenges, his recent probation for aggravated assault, and his regrets over not staying in school. Boobie also expresses his frustration over the depiction of his relationship with Coach Gaines in the motion picture of the book. He laments that, unlike the movie’s depiction of things, Coach Gaines really did not care about his welfare: Boobie never had dinner with Coach Gaines and his wife. Boobie is also extremely hurt by the offensive remarks by an assistant coach included in the book; the remarks alluded to what Boobie would become should football not work out for him. Bissinger remarks that he regrets not publishing the name of the assistant coach who said the remark in his book. Despite all his challenges, Boobie still has that jovial spark and sense of humor that seems to keep him going.