The Fountain of Love Background

The Fountain of Love Background

Guillaume de Machaut wrote The Fountain of Love (La Fonteinne Amoureuse), which was published during 1993 by Routledge. Machaut was a notable French poet and musician of the fourteenth century. "The Fountain of Love" is a popular love vision poem that shows his adaptation of literary conventions about Medieval romance. This poem is attached with "The Prologue" as well as "Le Dit dou Vergier" (The Story of the Garden), which are also Medieval love vision poems.

Machaut was born during 1300 and died during 1377. His poetic talent has inspired other authors of creative works, such as Geoffrey Chaucer and the development of his book The Book of the Duchesse. In fact, he is highly praised by contemporaries as "a master of French versification," according to Encyclopedia Britannica.

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