Forrest Gump Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    How does Forrest get a scholarship to Alabama?

    Forrest as a child is forced to wear leg braces in order to correct a curved spine. But once he breaks free he cannot stop running. Everywhere he goes he was running, so much so that when he cuts through a football practice to get away from a speeding truck full of bullies who are out to beat him up. Ironically the football field is being used by the University of Alabama whose coach offers Forrest a scholarship when he sees him run. And Forrest becomes a football star for one of the best universities in the country.

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    Why does Forrest form Bubba Gump Shrimp Company?

    Forrest has gone to Vietnam to fight in the war. During basic training he became close with Bubba during basic training. Bubba tells Forrest all about shrimp and the two agree to go into business once they are out of the war. But Bubba loses his life after Forrest's valiant attempt to save him in the jungle of Vietnam after being shot. Forrest keeps his promise to Bubba and creates the company. He isn't successful initially, but once Lieutenant Dan comes on board to help with the company they hit the jackpot during a major storm and are the only boat that makes it back fully loaded. Forrest ends up giving Bubba's family his portion of the money they make from the company.

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    Why did Forrest get a letter from Jenny?

    Forrest throughout the film is recounting his life's story to the people he meets at the bus stop. We learn that he has been waiting all this time for a bus that will take him to Jenny's home. He's going to see her because she's written him to come and see her after she's seen him running across country on television. She's asked him to come see her because she now has a son who is Forrest's. He was conceived when they slept together the last time they saw one another years before.

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