For Whom the Bell Tolls

For Whom the Bell Tolls Character List

Robert Jordan

is an American Spanish professor who has volunteered to fight for the Loyalists in the Spanish Civil War. He is a demolition expert, and the plot revolves around his mission to destroy a bridge in Fascist territory.

General Golz

is the Russian general, practicing his war tactics as a Loyalist volunteer, who orders Jordan to blow the bridge.


is Jordan's elderly guide and trusted friend and a good man. He truly believes in the Loyalist cause, however, and thus is a brave and loyal soldier.


is the leader of the guerillas who help Jordan blow the bridge. Once a ruthless leader, Pablo is now afflicted by cowardice and cynicism. As he no longer wants to fight for the Cause, he makes difficulties for Jordan and threatens the completion of his mission.


is Pablo's "woman." She is as bold as she is broad, and she keeps the band united through her personal example of patriotism. She is also superstitious, and early in the novel foresees Jordan's death in his palm reading.


is the young girl the guerilla's resuced from a prison train. Her father was a loyalist mayor, and the battered Maria has been left an orphan. Maria and Jordan fall immediately in love.

El Sordo

is the deaf guerilla leader who Jordan and Pilar enlist in helping with the bride mission.


is a member of Pablo's band. He is referred to frequently as "the gypsy" and characterized as lazy but well-intentioned.


is another member of the band; he is a devoted soldier.


is another guerilla, and Jordan trusts him the most next to Anselmo.


is the guerilla Jordan sends with the message to Golz to cancel the attack.


is Jordan's friend and a famous Russian journalist.