Flight Behavior Background

Flight Behavior Background

Declared "Best Book of the Year" by both the Washington Post and USA Today, Flight Behavior, published in 2012, is the seventh novel of New York Times bestselling author Barbara Kingsolver.

The book centers around Dellarobia Turnbow, a 28 year old housewife living on a rural farm in Tennessee. Dellarobia is dissatisfied wth her current life, with a husband who she does not love, and decides to begin an affair with a telephone repairman. However, on the way to meet him, in the valley behind her house, she discovers millions of monarch butterflies covering the back of their house. Later, she is visited by Ovid Byron, a prominent scientist and university professor, who tells her that the monarchs are a symbol of alarming climate change and are not slated to survive for long, especially in the harsh winter of Tennessee. Dellarobia is dismayed, but determined to make the best of the situation.

Kingsolver is a well-known author in the field of writing for environmentalism and other social movements. Flight Behavior demonstrates her considerable skill in crafting a narrative that immerses, but also informs the reader. The novel was critically acclaimed, with The Daily Telegraph columinist Beth Jones saying, "Kingsolver has carved a career from examining social issues in her novels, from economic inequality to racism. In Flight Behaviour, it's the causes and consequences of climate change that form the novel's core."

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