Fight Club (Film)

Fight Club (Film) Character List

Tyler Durden

Co-creator of Fight Club, Tyler is the charismatic leader who eventually starts Project Mayhem. He starts out as Jack’s friend but becomes the main antagonist in the film after starting a relationship with Marla. Jack later realizes that Tyler is not real but a mental projection of his own creation.

Jack/The Narrator

The protagonist of the film, Jack is co-creator of Fight Club, along with Tyler Durden. Jack works as a recall specialist for the automobile industry and hates his job and his boss. He meets Marla Singer at support groups; neither he nor Marla have any diseases but go to the meetings to feel some sort of connection with other people. Jack rejects Marla when she reminds him too much of himself, only to realize later that she was exactly what he was looking for all along. This pushes him into a confrontation with Tyler, who he learns is not real but a mental projection he created.

Marla Singer

A young woman who meets Jack at the support group. She too attends them searching for some sort of meaningful human interaction. She begins a relationship with Tyler, which upsets Jack even though he claims to have no interest in her. Tyler later decides that Marla knows too much about Project Mayhem and has become a risk, prompting Jack to realign his values and come to terms with how he really feels about her.

Robert "Bob" Paulson

A middle-aged former steroid abuser who Jack meets at a testicular cancer survivor support group. Bob is the first to encourage Jack to cry at the support group meetings. Jack meets Bob again after leaving the groups when Bob becomes a member of Fight Club. Bob is killed while on assignment for Project Mayhem. The callous disregard for Bob’s life that the other members of Project Mayhem display following his death make Jack question the values that Tyler has laid out.

Angel Face

A nickname for a member of Fight Club and, later, Project Mayhem. Angel Face is named for his angelic appearance. He is an enthusiastic member who wins Tyler’s attention and admiration, thus invoking Jack’s jealousy. Jack beats him viciously in a fight, sending him to the hospital. Scenes following this incident show that Angel Face is not so beautiful anymore.

The Space Monkeys

The name Jack and Tyler give to the anonymous members of Project Mayhem.

Richard Chesler

Jack's boss at his job as a Recall Coordinator for a major automobile manufacturer. He is portrayed as a corporate yes-man, interested only in the bottom line and climbing the corporate ladder.


A woman that Jack meets at one of the support group meetings. Chloe is dying from parasites. She only wants to have sex one last time before she dies.

Airport Security Officer

He informs Jack that his suitcase was vibrating and had to be destroyed. He tells Jack that most of the time when that happens the culprit is a an electric toothbrush or razor. Sometimes, he tells him, it's a dildo.

Detective Stern

A police officer in the Arson Unit. He is investigating the explosion at Jack's condominium. He tells Jack not to leave town as he considers Jack to be a suspect.


A stock room employee that works at Jack's company. Jack mentions that he is not a model employee but displays great prowess in fight club upon defeating a local maitre d'.


The owner of the bar where fight club begins. He attempts to shut down fight club upon discovering that it is being run in the basement of his bar.

Raymond K. Hessel

A convenience store clerk who Tyler threatens to kill in one of his "human sacrifice" assignments. Tyler asks him what he really wanted to do with his life. Hessel answers that he really wanted to be a veterinarian. Tyler tells him to pursue this path or he will kill him.

Police Commissioner Jacobs

The police commissioner who ties Project Mayhem to "underground boxing clubs". He attempts to find and shut down fight club chapters around the city. As retaliation Tyler ambushes him in the men's room of a hotel and threatens to castrate him if he does not call off his investigation. The Commissioner complies.

The Bartender

A bartender in a neck brace that Jack encounters while tracing Tyler's cross-country travels. Jack comes to realize that he and Tyler are actually the same person when the bartender addresses Jack as "Mr. Durden".


A bartender at Lou's Tavern who is also a member of fight club. He allows the men to use the basement in the tavern for fight club meetings.