Fern Hill

Fern Hill Character List

The speaker

The speaker spends the poem looking back on his childhood at Fern Hill, when he was "young and easy." He regrets the naivete of his youth, which led him to grow old without appreciating his time at Fern Hill, shamefully admitting that "nothing I cared."


Time is frequently personified throughout the poem, acting first as a playmate for the speaker that "let" him play happily and innocently at Fern Hill. Later in the poem, however, time leads the speaker "out of grace" and "takes" him away as he grows up.

Fern Hill

Fern Hill itself is also personified—a house on it is "lilting," the stable is "whinnying," and even the fields themselves seem to "praise" God. All of this personification illustrates how vibrant Fern Hill is, giving it a vivid sense of life.