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Titus is one of the main characters in the novel, a young teenage boy who lives in a dystopian world where everyone has a feed implanted into their brains. Titus is one of the people who are dependent on his feed, who can’t function properly without it. When Titus meets with Violet, a girl who had her feed implanted at a later time in her life and who was not as immersed in the consumerism world as Titus, he begins to change as well. Titus’s life changes even more when it becomes clear that Violet will eventually die. While at first he tries to keep himself separated from her, he reaches out to her in the end, when Violet can barely speak. Titus then tries to speak with her and keep her up to date with everything that happened in the world since she got sick.


Violet is another major character in the novel. Violet is a young girl who was different from the same teenagers of the same age because she did not have her feed implanted in her. Because of this, she was not as affected by consumerism as others. On the moon, Violet was affected by a hacker who almost destroyed her feed. From that point on, her feed began to malfunction, causing her to lose her feeling in her limbs. At the end, she lost all her functions and was most likely certain to die.

Titus's father

Titus’s father is simply referred to as Dad. Just like the other characters, Dad is unable to emotionally connect with his children and disappears for months at a time. When Dad visits Titus on the moon, he behaves just like every other character, talking on the feed instead of talking with his child.

Violet's father

Violet’s father is a strange character from the other character’s perspective since he is among the only people who still knows how to read, write and who talks in an articulate manner. He is crushed by guilt when he realizes that his only child may be dying because of the feed he forced her to have implanted.


Calista is another of Titus’s friends who went to the moon. Calista was among the girls affected by the hacker. Calista is said to be involved at times with Link.


Marty is one of Titus’s friends, a rich boy who is a member of Titus’s group. While there are not many details given about him, Marty is among the people who get affected by the hacker destroying their feed.


Logan is another girl from Titus’s group. She is the only one whose feed is not affected and she often visits her friends at the hospital on the moon. Logan was one of Titus’s former girlfriends.


Quendy is another girl in Titus’s friends. Violet screams at her during her last outburst at Link’s party. After Titus and Violet break up, Titus hooks up with Quendy.

President Trumbull

Trumbull is the name given to the president of the United States. He appears at the end of some chapters and is described as a politician who should have nothing to do with politics as he is always insulting the leaders of other countries.

Titus's mother

Titus’s mother appears only once or twice and she appears as being a woman who would do anything to spoil her children.

Smell Factor

Smell Factor is the name given to Titus’s little brother.

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