Fates and Furies Background

Fates and Furies Background

Lauren Groff was early on considered a promising writer. Currently, one can hardly find a person who would doubt as to whether she has a talent or not. Her first novel reached a status of bestseller and was critically acclaimed. Its review was written by Stephen King himself. Unlike many other authors who struggle and fail to get recognition, this author writes one bestseller after another. Such a positive dynamic in her work gives us a right to assume that she is a new star in literature.

One of the most interesting things about Goff is that her short stories are as good as her novels. Her name became even more well-known after Barack Obama claimed that her story is on his list of the best books of 2015. According to her, to become a writer used to be one of her dreams. She has written hundreds of stories, but the world might not see them, for she is her own strictest editor. By the author's own testimony, Fates and Furies wasn’t easy to work on - not to mention that she was finishing another story at the very same time. However, the results managed to surpass her expectations. The author doesn’t want to speak about a future story. She prefers to keep it in a secret until it is ready.

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