Fast Food Nation Background

Fast Food Nation Background

Eric Schlosser wrote Fast Food Nation to reveal the dark truth about the food that Americans consume on a daily basis. In this two-part journey we discover the history behind fast food, the big names who helped create this fast food culture, how this food was created, and what affect it can have on our bodies. In the first part of the book, "The American Way", we discover the history of fast food. Schlosser uses interviews and the journies he has taken to provide an immersive experience into the realm of fast food. In the second part. "Meat and Potatoes", the reader travels with Schlosser into the companies that actually create the food that many of us have absentmindedly consumed on a daily basis. With writing this book, it is clear that Schlosser hoped to expose the truth about fast food and by doing that, encourage his readers to take action against the injustices fast food culture has created.

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