Falling Man Characters

Falling Man Character List

Keith Neudecker

Keith is the main character of the novel and basically the protagonist. He was there the day the terrorists attacked the World Trade Center, and, ever since, has had a broken life. Keith's ex-wife is Lianne, who he used to be married to and once again has become intimate with. However, things aren't the same between them, so Keith isn't sure that he should stay with Lianne.

Lianne Glenn

Lianne is the ex-wife of Keith, and she works at a support group helping heal early Alzheimer's patients. She is constantly thinking about the things that went down on 9/11, scared for her own life. Staying with the patients is not making things any better, since she fears that she might end up like them.


Justin is the son of Keith and Lianne. He isn't mentioned much in the book, but goes out with his friends sometimes to look for more planes in the sky. He and his friends call bin Laden "Bill Lawson".

Nina Bartos

Nina is Lianne's mother who despises Keith. She thinks that she never should have married him in the first place and is against her being with him again. Nina is dating Martin, who is an artist and art dealer. Nina's house is covered with all different kinds of paintings.

Martin Ridnour

Martin, who is also called Ernst Hechinger, is Nina's lover. He is an art dealer who loves his profession.

Jack Glenn

A static character in the novel, Jack is Lianne's father.

Falling Man

David Janiak is a man who reenacts jumping out of buildings to simulate what happened on 9/11. He dresses up in business suits and wears harnesses to stay safe while performing his act.


Hammad is a Middle Eastern man whose story is told in short segments throughout the novel. We find out that Hammad is actually one of the terrorists that helped hijack the planes.


Amir is another one of the terrorists that worked along with Hammad. Along with Hammad he is an antagonist.

Dr. Apter

Dr. Apter is a physician of the Alzheimer's patients. She works along with Lianne to help them get better and feel more comfortable.


Elena is a mysterious woman who has been found to be playing obnoxiously loud Middle Eastern music in Lianne's apartment.

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