Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels Glossary


The South Vietnamese Army, known as the Army of the Republic of Vietnam.


(Noun) a temporary camp without tents or sturdy cover. (Verb) to stay in a temporary camp without tents or sturdy cover.


Short for boondocks - a slang term for remote, untamed, or isolated regions.

Carbon Tet

Short for Carbon tetrachloride, which is a colorless toxic volatile liquid that can dissolve fats and oils.


The American slang for the Viet Cong - either singular or plural.


An antipersonnel mine used to quell the advance of enemy troops; it can be activated from a distance.


The area in a combat zone in which artillery can be used to provide heavy firepower as a support for other military units.

Flak jacket

A bulletproof vest.


A private in the United States army. It comes from the 1930s term "General Issue," which referred to the basic equipment the army provided to all U.S. military personnel.


Glossy and transparent paper.


An offensive slang term for a Vietnamese person.


Slang term for barracks in an army camp.


A layer of decomposing leaves and other plants that soldiers use to form a surface-covering layer over hidden booby traps.


Short for "Landing Zone," the site of the helicopter landing and thus, the location that marks the starting point of a patrol or mission.


A highly dangerous flammable jelly made out of gasoline and other chemicals that has a strong and toxic scent. When used in bombs and flamethrowers, napalm causes ghastly burns and injuries on human skin. The American army used in napalm extensively during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

Punji Sticks

Sharpened bamboo sticks with poisoned tips that the VC would hide amongst the long grass and reeds.


Short for "rocket- propelled grenade."


A medicinal ointment used to heal or soothe a specific part of the body.


A military engineer with a wide variety of duties. In Vietnam, "sappers" were special task forces made up of elite VC commandos who inflicted major harm on the ARVN/American forces.

Spider Hole

A small hole used to conceal someone either for hiding from the enemy or for spying on them.


Slang term for a spy, especially C.I.A.


A slang term for someone who does not repay a debt, loan, or wager.