Eyes Wide Shut Background

Eyes Wide Shut Background

Eyes Wide Shut is a movie that first premiered in 1999. The movie was written by Stanley Kubrick and was nominated for one Golden Globe award. The film was based on the Austrian novel entitles Traumnovelle written by Arthur Schnitzler.

The story takes place in New York and it follows a couple as they discover their sexuality and indulge in their sexual desires. The main characters are Dr. Bill and his wife Alice, who apparently have a beautiful and healthy marriage. Everything changes when Alice confesses to her husband that she thought about cheating on him. Shocked by the revelation, Bill attempts to cheat on Alice with a prostitute and though a series of events arrives at a mansion where a sexual orgy is taken place.

While the director bought the film rights for the novel almost 30 years before, it took him a long time to adapt the book into a movie. Some of the original elements in the novel were retained in the film but Dr. Bill in the film is notably less affected by the events he witnesses than the character in the book.

The film was shot primarily in England even though the action takes place in New York and it holds the record for the longest constant movie shot, a period of 15 months. The film is generally considered by many as being an erotic thriller and it was even rated R because of the explicit sexual scenes.

The film received mixed reactions from critics but despite this it considered as being one of the best movies from the 1990s. Kubrick is praised for his techniques used while filming and for his extensive knowledge of human psychology, elements he included in the movie as well.

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