Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno and Phaedo


  1. ^ a Greek given name meaning "Right-minded, sincere"; entry "εὐθύφρων" in Liddell, Scott, & Jones, An English–Greek Lexicon.
  2. ^ Stephanus page 5d: λέγε δή, τί φῂς εἶναι τὸ ὅσιον καὶ τί τὸ ἀνόσιον.
  3. ^ Cohen, S. Marc (1971). "Socrates on the Definition of Piety: Euthyphro 10A–11B". Journal of the History of Philosophy. 9: 4. 
  4. ^ Stephanus page 12d: μόριον γὰρ τοῦ δικαίου τὸ ὃσιον.

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