Eugene Onegin

Eugene Onegin Character List


Pushkin himself figures in the novel as a friend of Onegin and an admirer of Tatyana.

Eugene Onegin

A charming and rakish young dandy, around 26 years old, who has grown jaded with high-society life but also alienated in the countryside. An avid reader of Byron.

Vladimir Lensky

A fiery young poet, around 18 years old, who writes naively but with genuine feeling in his pursuit of truth and his love for Olga. A proponent of German Romanticism.

Tatyana "Tanya" Larin

A wistful, contemplative, and withdrawn daughter of a provincial landowner. She has a pure, honest heart and loves nature. A deeply engrossed reader of French romance novels.

Olga Larin

Tatyana's simpleminded, coquettish younger sister.

Dmitry Larin

A former general, now provincial landowner. The father of Tatyana and Olga.

Pauline Larin

Tatyana's and Olga's mother, reluctantly married to Dmitry Larin but soon a vigorous housewife.

Pushkin's Muse

A sometimes abstract, sometimes real character. Once identified as "Zizi," that is, Evpraskia Wulf (1809-1883), a young girl who lived near Mikhailovskoe. Pushkin flirted with her in 1824 and became her lover briefly in 1829.


A former dueling-enthusiast who lives near Lensky and acts as his second during the duel.


Onegin's valet who acts as his second during the duel.


Onegin's housekeeper.


Tatyana's nurse, to whom Tatyana confides her love for Onegin.