Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Poems Background

Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Poems Background

Elizabeth Barrett Browning is one of the most well known and respected Victorian writers. She began writing poetry at the age of six and entered the literary tradition in 1830s. Her works have been considered formative entries in the expansion of poetry by women and in the history of modern British poetry overall.

Browning's work was first published in 1838 and she went on to produce beautiful works in 1840s. Her compositions were so well received that she had become a challenge to Tennyson’s assumed position of Poet Laureate. She wrote works both of feminist and religious nature, some of which include A Runaway Slave and A Musical Instrument. These works have been inapropriated in the canonical literary tradition and, today, are part of standard Victorian literary curricula.

She attained great success after the publication of her work, Poems (1844). She passed away in 1861, and one of her collections was published posthumously by her husband.

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