Eclipse Background

Eclipse Background

Eclipse is the third installment of the Twilight Saga, written by Stephanie Meyer. The book was released originally in hardcover on August 7, 2007 by Little, Brown Publishing Company.

The narrative begins immediately following the events of New Moon. Eclipse opens with a brief scene of a local boy becoming a vampire. Then moves to Bella and Edward discussing their new engagement and wedding plans. Most notably, setting dates for the wedding and Bella becoming a vampire. While the story continues the evolution of the love triangle between Bella (human), Edward (vampire) and Jacob (wolf); the main focus is war with Victoria and the impending battle with her and her band of newborns. This is particularly problematic as Carlisle reveals that vampires are at their strongest (and most out-of-control) as newborns. This forces the wolf pack and vampire clan to work together to protect their community, and specifically Edward and Jacob to work together to keep Bella safe.

Meyer commented that the cover of Eclipse, a broken red ribbon, represents Bella’s choice between her friendship with Jacob and her relationship with Edward. Critics have praised this book for exploring more mature and darker themes.

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