E. Pauline Johnson: Poetry Summary

E. Pauline Johnson: Poetry Summary

Your Mirror Frame

In "Your Mirror Frame," the poet says that it seems to her that she saw her photographs on her dear's mirror frame among the photographs of many others. She says that she knows she will never hang in his locket, nor sit in his breast pocket. Her photo will be tossed among the rest of them. She knows that he never monopolize and he will date a nest of them. He, if ever, will choose the noblest. Yet, she hopes that his roving eyes met hers someday. She ends the poem by saying that though she hopes that he considers her the best of them, she is glad if she comes that night with the rest of them.

Through Time and Bitter Distance

The poet stands on the cheerless shore of an ocean craving for her beloved. Meanwhile, she describes the sight that her eyes behold. There's a boat sailing through the fresh ocean breeze, a bird being tossed by waves and a canvas that sinks beyond the far horizon's hem. She says there's nothing left to her except an oncoming lonely night and an empty sea.

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