Duncan Campbell Scott: Poetry Background

Duncan Campbell Scott: Poetry Background

Duncan Campell Scott was a Canadian writer and poet that lived from 1862 to 1947. Publishing many famous poems and other works, he has become one of the most recognizable Canadian writers, and he even has an award named after him. Many critics of the time considered his works new and original, many having a mixed in romantic touch. This book, Duncan Campell Scott: Poetry, is a collection of all of Campell's memorable poems, all collected in one place. His poems are mainly known for being symbolically dreamy and can be interpreted in many different ways - only adding to their appeal.

Some of the most famous poems written by Campell and included in the book are The Forsaken and Angel. Both of these pertain to a hint of saddening death, but conclude with a bit of unsure hope, leaving readers to want to read even more of the beautifully original poems.

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