Dreams From My Father Background

Dreams From My Father Background

Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance is memoirs written by Barack Obama, published in July 1995. At that moment he was starting his political campaign for Illinois Senate.

Starting form the cover of the book attention should be paid to the picture of Barack Obama as a person who has achieved an important place and the book shows what an individuality he became despite all the life obstacles.

The story “The dreams from my father” by Barack Obama is twisted. From one side it's biographical and tells about hard steps to the stars, and from the other hand these are memories about Barack's parents lives, his birth and the opinion of the surroundings toward the racial disparity. The desperation and disorder of the powerless, how it twists the lives of children. How narrow the path between humiliation and untrammeled fury is, how easily public slips into violence and despair. Miscegenation that strikes individuals and crushes fortunes.

The narrator created an image of the absence of the father in his life. His mother a self-sufficient American women came through the hard path to her beloved husband. The story is about the unwillingness of races to work together towards common development. It cost her a fortune to live her hometown and move to Hawaii to find a comfortable place for their family, an experiment in racial harmony. But it was a mistake and she got trapped. Her husband left her almost right after they moved to Hawaii. The author once mentions his hesitation if his mother will be or will not be able to endure this pain.

The book has been highly accepted by critics, and in 2011, Time Magazine listed it on its top 100 non-fiction books written in English since 1923.

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