Dream Psychology Psychoanalysis for Beginners Glossary

Dream Psychology Psychoanalysis for Beginners Glossary

latent content

Referring to the thoughts taking the form of unconscious wishes.

manifest content

The contents of a dream that is consciously recalled upon waking.


Unconscious mechanism in which two dream images combine into a single one bearing features of both.


A condition marked by apprehension, indecisiveness and fear that stems from the likelihood an actual confrontation with the event, thus manifesting an impairment of functioning.


The product of unconscious censorship in which the content of the dream differs from the thoughts.


The hierarchical process behind the formation of a dream through which the latent thoughts are sytematically altered into the dream's content.


The expulsion of traumatic memories, thoughts, or emotions from the conscious mind which are then pushed into the unconscious mind.

return of the repressed

Process in which what has been repressed in the unconscious returns to the conscious mind as symbolic representations with a strikingly different and often unrecognizable appearance.


The part of the mind containing information to which a person remains generally unaware, but which nevertheless can become manifested in ways not consciously intended or recognized.


A temporary or longer-term return to an previous level of psychological development.


The part of the mind which houses thoughts that are only temporarily unconscious and thus do not qualify as having been repressed since they can be brought willingly to the conscious mind at a later time.


The period of life in which sexual maturing takes place.


Characterized by excessive or uncontrolled emotional outbursts.


Affected by one or more of a number of neurotic disorders which include compulsions, obsessions, delusions, phobias and manias.


Referring to the utilization of a number of therapeutic techniques for identifying and exploring unconcious motivations which manifest themselves as neurotic behavior.


Ambiguously interpreted or understood.

wish fulfillment

One of the central premises of Freudian dream psychology is that they are the fulfillment of repressed wishes appearing in a disguise which must then be interpreted through psychoanalysis.

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