Down and Out in Paris and London Background

Down and Out in Paris and London Background

Down and Out in Paris and London is a memoir by famous English writer George Orwell. The memoir, although considered fictional by some critics, is actually completely true. Although the events that occur in the story did not happen to the same order to Orwell in real life, Orwell once said in an interview, "I think I can say that I have exaggerated nothing except in so far as all writers exaggerate by selecting. I did not feel that I had to describe events in the exact order in which they happened, but everything I have described did take place at one time or another." The memoir, first published on January 9, 1933, has received mostly positive reviews. Around nine in ten Google users say that they "liked the book", and it has a 4.1/5 rating on Goodreads.

George Orwell is one of the most prolific authors and history, and his career began with Down and Out in Paris and London. This, being his first published book, gave him the enthusiasm for writing, considering that a memoir about his life alone sold so well. George Orwell is often noted in history for his writing's political influence - he was against constrictive governments and this showed in his works. His most notable novels include Animal Farm and 1984.

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