Double Suicide Characters

Double Suicide Character List


Jihei is married to Osan, with whom he has two children. He works as a paper merchant. Jihei is passionately in love with Koharu, a courtesan. He wants to free Koharu from her master who is a brothel owner but is unable to pay for lack of funds. Jihei, therefore, makes a pact together with Koharu to perform a lover's suicide which will free them from the debt and expectations from society. They do so in hopes that they will be together in the next life.


Koharu is a prostitute and Jihei’s love interest. As a sex worker, she has three customers whom she cares for. There’s Jihei, Tahei and another who resembles Jihei but is Jihei’s brother who is trying to unsuccessfully rescue Jihei from the grasp of Koharu. He seeks to expose Koharu as a fraud by seducing her, therefore forfeiting her love for Jihei.


Osan is Jihei’s neglected wife. She is fighting to keep his family together by asking Koharu to leave Jihei.


Tahei is a rich businessman and one of Koharu’s customers. He is in a fight with Jihei to claim Koharu’s love and freedom.

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