Doris Lessing: Stories Background

Doris Lessing: Stories Background

Doris Lessing: Stories is a major compilation of the works of Doris Lessing, a British novelist and poet who was the recipient of the 2007 Nobel Prize for Literature. She is also notable for being the oldest person to ever receive this honor.

This collection comprises of all of Lessing's short stories, excluding the ones set in Africa, which appear in another novel. The 35 short stories span multitudes of topics, settings, cultures, and genres, truly demonstrating Lessing's remarkable prowess. Many of the stories focus on the role of women in society, as well as the power dynamics between a man and woman in marriage, an area of great focus for Lessing.

Lessing died in 2013. Her writing legacy is truly great; she was awarded numerous prizes, most epically the Nobel Prize. Lessing was also awarded the David Cohen Prize for achievement in British literature, and Time magazine listed her as 5th place on "The 50 Greatest British Writers Since 1945".

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