Divine Comedy: Purgatorio Background

Divine Comedy: Purgatorio Background

A major Italian poet, Dante is one of the most well known poets to have been born in the Late Middle Ages. He is known for his groundbreaking work, Divine Comedy, a formative work of modern Italian literature.

Divine comedy essentially explores medieval christian theology in verse. This poem is called "Comedy" because poems used to be classified as High ("Tragedy") or Low ("Comedy"). Dante's work is also significant as it explored a very serious subject in the "vulgar" language. Hence, the very act of writing this work was an act of transgression.

Written in the early 14th century by Dante, Purgatorio is the second part of Divine Comedy. It narrates the tale of Dante climbing up the Mount of Purgatory. In this work, he is guided by Virgil. This work explores extensively Christian themes like the seven deadly sins and comments upon the nature of sin.

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