Dirty Beasts Background

Dirty Beasts Background

Although he is best-known for his novels, Roald Dahl wrote dozens of poems. Quite a few of his poems are collected in Dirty Beasts (published in 1983), and all of those poems deal with, as the publisher says, "unsuspecting animals."

In one poem entitled "The Pig," for example, Dahl tells the story of an incredibly intelligent pig who realizes that he - along with his entire species - is bred only that they can be eaten. Wanting to spark some change, the pig kills the farmer who was breeding him and eats the farmer instead.

When it was released, Dirty Beasts received positive reviews. Fantasy Book Review, for example, wrote in their review that "Dirty Beasts is a far more diverse book than revolting Rhymes and one which definitely shows Dahl's calibre as an author, while possibly not as appealing for its relationship to traditional childhood stories, it's still a lot of fun, being in parts disturbing, funny wondrous and ironic, and highly worth the attention of any Roald Dahl fan young or old."

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