Departures Quotes


Yes, but they all burn the same. Same ash.


When Daigo sees the coffins for the first time, he asks about the differences between them. Uemura tells him that the differences are given by the decorative elements on the coffin and the material from which the coffin was made of. While Daigo is impressed by the differences, Uemura tells him that they make no difference, as they all end up burning and then turn into ashes. This quote has the purpose of highlighting the idea that death doesn’t make a difference. It doesn’t matter if a person is put into a cheap coffin or in an expensive one, in the end it doesn’t matter as everyone has the same end.

It is somehow sad. To swim against the tide just to die.


After Daigo started to work as a mortician, his views regarding death and life slowly started to change. He no longer had a childish view about life should be and he began to notice how man struggles to live and how his struggles are most of the time in vain. For Daigo, the realization that a person struggles all his life only to die when he is close to reaching his goal is tragic and ironic.

I think your mother never stopped loving your father. Otherwise, she would have thrown away all his vinyl discs.


Daigo resents his father for leaving his mother and him alone. Throughout the film, it is clear that Daigo never managed to get over the pain of being left behind and that he never forgave his father for what he has done. Daigo believed that his mother hated his father as well, thinking that there was no way she could have forgave him. Mika however thinks that Daigo’s mother never forgot her husband and never stopped loving him. For her, the fact that her mother in law continued to keep her husband’s vinyl discs in order and clean proved that she still cared for him and that she wanted to take care of the things that were once important for him.

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