Death in Venice

Death in Venice Character List

von Aschenbach

The protagonist. A well-known writer who leads an ascetic lifestyle and is taken by a whim to travel to Venice, where he falls in love with Tadzio.

travel agent

A British man and the only person in Venice honest with von Aschenbach regarding the threat of cholera.


A young Polish boy vacationing with his family in Venice with whom von Aschenbach falls in love.


The hairdresser who changes von Aschenbach's appearance in an effort to make him look younger.

stranger in the cemetery

A tourist with a strange appearance whom von Aschenbach sees and considers following in Munich.


A Polish boy who is friends with Tadzio.


Tadzio's sisters, between the ages of fifteen and seventeen, whom von Aschenbach thinks look like nuns.


The woman in charge of caring for Tadzio and his sisters.


Tadzio's mother, a genteel looking Polish woman.