Death and the King's Horseman

Death and the King's Horseman Irony

Pilking's comment about Olunde

On page 72, after Olunde has already killed himself (a fact which Pilkings does not know), Pilkings gripes that he hopes Olunde has his baggage ready for his journey.

Olunde's comments about his father's supposed death

On page 59, Olunde wonders why there is such a fuss going on because Elesin succeeded in killing himself. His father has actually been arrested and is on his way there.


It is ironic that, despite Elesin's early swagger, confidence, and arrogance, the petty official, Pilkings, brings him down.

Elesin's anticipated fall

There is dramatic irony in various parts of the play as the audience acknowledges that Elesin's actions, especially taking the Bride, will bring trouble for him.