David and Goliath Background

David and Goliath Background

David and Goliath is a non-fiction psychology book written by Canadian author Malcolm Gladwell. The book was first published on September 1, 2011. Malcolm Gladwell is a journalist born in England but lived most of his life and spent his university life in Canada. He wrote 5 books in which most of them deal with social science and the art of interacting with people and understanding new perspectives of life.

David and Goliath is one of Gladwell's books that talks about small, trivial things can end up being the most important factors of a change or a result, and how the weak can win the strong. He challenges many of the well-known conceptions people believe. Gladwell does that by providing several real-life examples that bolster his claim.

The book received some negative reviews when it was first published, but it is now one of the best-selling books in its genre. It earned a 4 out of a 5-star rating on Goodreads and has been reviewed by magazines such as The Guardian. Nabil Gabbagh, a Goodreads member, said: " (David and Goliath) will make you realize that there's no such thing as simple, black and white. There's grey. There's yellow, blue, pink, orange, you name it. It will allow you to understand that for every difficult hardships life will throw at you you'll learn skills everyone else will wish they had. " The Guardian wrote in its book review: "Malcolm Gladwell's new book promises to turn your view of the world upside down."

In essence, David and Goliath is a social science book. However, it is recommended for everyone. So, even if you don't like social science books or psychology books, this book will definitely keep you intrigued and will change your view of the world around you.

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