Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac Imagery

Christian Dying

Christian's death in Act IV is particularly dramatic and moving, as he is brought in wearing his cloak and is placed before Roxane. She weeps over him as gunfire sounds and the cadets prepare to attack.

Cyrano's death

Cyrano's death in Act V is equally, if not more, moving and memorable in relation to Christian's death. He stands up, delirious, brandishing his sword and fighting with imaginary enemies. Finally, he collapses and whispers that no one can take his panache. 

The balcony scene

In a scene reminiscent from Shakespeare and recreated on stages everywhere, Roxane stands at her balcony while Christian woos her. Cyrano then steps in and takes over, finally speaking the words in his heart. The illuminated Roxane and the shrouded-in-darkness Cyrano constitute a classic romantic scene.

The Hotel de Bourgogne showing of "La Clorise"

Rostand pulls out all the stops in his diverse crowd of playgoers. The panoply of characters is from all stations of life. The reader (and the audience, when this is staged) can envision the din and the liveliness as fathers and sons, noblemen, beautiful women, military men, musketeers, pickpockets, and cooks mill about.

Roxane's arrival in the camp

Roxane's arrival turns a glum, bleak collection of cadets into a party. It is easy to contrast her beauty, Ragueneau's zestiness, and the gleaming foodstuffs with the men.