Cymbeline Character List


Guiderius' twin brother, who has also been living as the supposed son of Morgan under the name of Cadwal. He is distinguished by his emotional, poetic sensitivity.


A banished Lord, disguised under the name of Morgan. Belarius stole Cymbeline's two sons after being falsely accused of treason.

Caius Lucius

The general of the Roman forces; a noble and respected Roman.


The Queen of Britain's son by a former husband. He is, in short, a clod. He and the Queen want him to marry Imogen, but she will have none of it.


A physician. Aware of the Queen's wickedness, he substitutes a benign sleeping potion for the poison she requests of him.


The King of Britain.


Arvigarus and Guiderius' nurse, who stole the infants in collaboration with Belarius. In return, he married her and allowed her to raise the twins as her own sons.


One of Philario's friends.


A character who provides comic relief.


One of Cymbeline's twin sons. Cymbeline thinks he is dead, but he has been living under the name Polydore. He thinks his father is Morgan, who in fact kidnapped his brother and he when they were infants. Guiderius is an active, courageous, practical youth.


Imogen's attendant.


One of Philario's friends, also an Italian. Iachimo's name suggests "Little Iago", and indeed he is a conniver extraordinaire.


Cymbeline's daughter by his first wife. Beloved by Cymbeline and loathed by her stepmother, the Queen. Imogen is a paragon: witty, beautiful, and wise.


A good-hearted Italian friend of Posthumus'.


A Roman soothsayer.


Posthumus' loyal servant, whom Posthumus leaves to attend Imogen in England after his master departs for Italy.

Posthumus Leonatus

A gentleman. Imogen's husband, who married her against her royal family's wishes.


Cymbeline's unnamed, unscrupulous wife, who is working behind the scenes to advance the interests of her son Cloten.

Roman Captain

One of Caius's officers.

Sicilius Leonatus

Posthumus' noble, warlike father, who appeals to Jupiter on his son's behalf while his son sleeps in jail.

Two British Captains

Two of Cymbeline's officers.

Two Gentlemen

Two men in Cymbeline's court.

Two Lords

Two more men in Cymbeline's court.