Cured Background

Cured Background

The book "Cured" by Bethany Wiggins is the sequel to the original book "Stung". The series revolves around the mass biohazard pandemic happening in the world because of the extinction of the bee population. "Cure", published in March 2014, is a famously reviewed book, with reviews published in multiple magazines and newspapers including the Kirkus Reviews.

After the redemption and conversion of Fiona and Jonah Tarsis back from beasts, the twins set off to explore and find their mother. They carry a cure with them and hope to cure beasts as they come by them, with the introduction of a new character Jacqui and Bowden. As they meet companions and allies along the way, a character named Kevin seems to turn suspect and seems to have connections with the raiders. The book goes on to address this connection with the raiders and to narrate the steps the group tales to prevent the destruction of the cure by the raiders.

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