Crow : From the Life and Songs of the Crow Characters

Crow : From the Life and Songs of the Crow Character List


The central figure of the pome, Crow is a mythological being. He borrows heavily from Christianity and trickster mythology. Crow is a Godlike figure in this collection, fixing what he views as God's mistakes in "A Childish Prank" and "Crow Blacker than Ever." He wanders around the universe searching for his female creator.

The Hag

A character Crow meets in the second developed episode of the collection. Crow is forced to carry her across a river while trying to answer the questions she asks him about love. When Crow reaches the opposite bank of the river, the hag turns into a beautiful girl.

The Female Creator

Crow's creator, whom he is wandering the universe searching for.


God features prominently in this collection, but not always in a positive way. Many of the poems central to Crow can be construed as a criticism of Catholicism and of God, making this one of Hughes' most controversial collections.

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