Crash Background

Crash Background

Jerry Spinelli is the author of Crash, which was first published during 1995 and was later published during 2004 by Laurel Leaf. This fictional novel tells the story of John "Crash" Coogan, an egotistical seventh grader who values brawn over brains. Yet this super-jock is in for a ride as he learns life requires more than big muscles and a love for sports to endure its obstacles and develop a well-rounded sense of self.

Many readers have come to admire this relatable coming-of-age story, with some describing it as funny and inspiring. On the other hand, some felt the unfolding of events in this book was not deep enough in certain respects, making it somewhat boring.

Spinelli usually sticks with writing themes inspired by his childhood, with sports being a part of that. He has also gotten significant inspiration from his seven children. Furthermore, he has published more than 25 books. Crash has earned him several literary awards, including the 1999 Pennsylvania Young Readers' Choice Award for Grades 6-8 and the 2000 North Carolina Children's Book Award.

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