Cousin Bette Background

Cousin Bette Background

Cousin Bette is a narrative of a famous French realist-writer Honore de Balzac written in 1846. The main theme of the book is the display of disastrous consequences of dependent and humiliating position of a poor relative for a person’s character. In Cousin Bette it brings to envy, animosity and irrepressible desire for revenge.

Cousin Bette appears to be a delicate and elegant piece of literature work, where the author manages to open the most disguised secrets of a woman’s soul. The world is rather aggressive and broken hearts can be met very often. But this world can be three times harder for a woman possessing neither cold prudence nor predator’s skills. Time passes, one epoch replaces another, but this story stays urgent.

The main heroine, Cousin Bette, because of envy and malice, spent all her life harming her beautiful sister by manipulations of her husband’s depravity. But the most tragic is that it did not make her either happier or richer. She has not got married, had no children and had no success the world, though she could. With her wits, innate artistry and diligence she could have achieved more. But jealousy made her black from the inside.

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