Continental Drift Characters

Continental Drift Character List

Bob Dubois

Dissatisfied Yankee living in racially insulated world who moves to Florida and is exposed to a world of diversity he never faced firsthand. While working for his brother at a liquor store he is forced to shoot an intruder. Despite being shocked at the sheer number of blacks sharing his daily world he has an affair with an African-American nurse. After becoming Avery Boone’s assistant, he becomes involved in the underground world of smuggling Haitian refugees, but his first attempt goes horrifically wrong after spotting a Coast Guard ship. Conscience ultimately drives his attempt at a deeply redemptive act which ironically leads to his death.

Eddie Dubois

Bob’s liquor-store owner brother who also derives income from real estate transactions. When he faces financial difficulties, his association with underworld figure result in the loss of his wife and eventual suicide.

Vanise Dorsinville

Abused Haitian prostitute who manages to make her way to Florida in Bob DuBois’ boat. Vanise manages to avoid the horrifying tragedy which takes place during that trip and winds up being the only character with anything close to a happy ending.

Avery Boone

Owner of a fishing excursions business operating out of Moray Key who hires Bob Dubois as an assistant. Uses that fishing business as a cover for his real passion: smuggling drugs.

Marguerite Dill

African-American nurse with whom Bob Dubois is carrying on an affair until the birth of his son stimulates him to end the relationship.

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