Sir Thomas Wyatt: Poems

Sir Thomas Wyatt: Poems Summary

'Forget Not Yet': a song of warning indicating that the betrayal of the narrator will have consequences.

'Lux, My Fair Falcon': an epigram that uses the metaphor of falconry to express the frustration of friendships that fail at a simple challenge.

'My Galley Charged': a sonnet translated from an original by Petrarch. The poem uses the metaphor of a tempestuous sea voyage to highlight the narrator's loss of faith.

'Whoso List To Hunt?': a sonnet translated from Petrarch. The poem utilizes the metaphor of hunting to reflect on the narrator's unsuccessful pursuit of a lady already claimed by another.

'They Flee From Me': a ballad detailing the abandonment of a friend by first a lady, then a group of associates. The song deals with the complex social relationships within the court of King Henry VIII.

'A Renouncing of Love (Farewell, Love)': a sonnet which uses the personification of Love to clarify the narrator’s rejection of his unsuccessful suit.

'Blame Not My Lute': a ballad highlighting that the messenger is not responsible for the harshness or cruelty of the communication made.

'My Lute, Awake': a song calling upon the lute to assist the narrator in the futile attempt to gain his audience’s attention and understanding.

'What No, Perdie': a rondeau expressing the frustration of a narrator rejected by a former lover.

'Madam, Withouten Many Words': a song whose lyrics express a curt resignation from the affections of a lady, should the gentleman’s suit be refused.

'My Heart I Gave Thee': a sonnet that expresses the futility of trusting an inconstant lover.

'And Wilt Thou Leave': a song expressing frustration at a lover being forsaken.

'Divers Doth Use': a sonnet explaining the various ways in which men react to unfaithful women.

'The Lively Sparks': a sonnet explaining the intensity of the light of his lady’s eyes and a warning of the effects of the bewitchment.

'I Find No Peace': a sonnet translated from Petrarch, which uses extremes from the emotional and physical world to illustrate the effects of love and loss.