Clarissa Quotes


Oh my dear, what a poor, passive machine is the body when the mind is disordered!


In rather simple words Richardson sends a deep message on the subject widely discussed by a great number of both writers and philosophers. This is the connection between spiritual and material, meaning connection of a physical body and mind. Clarissa is describing in her letter to Anna the conversation between her and Solmes. She refers to her state as a weak and feeble one, she can’t take control over her body as her thoughts are mixed, and her mind is not at ease and this effects her emotional state overall.

Calling body a passive machine the author emphasizes its simplicity and spiritlessness, and points to the mind to be superior. These words go deeper than regarding just the connection of body and mind, they go to the material and spiritual values being opposed. Only the one who has a rich inner world can fully appreciate life and everything it includes.

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