City Lights

City Lights Quotes and Analysis

"Be careful how you're driving."

The Tramp

The Tramp says this to the Eccentric Millionaire because he's afraid the man is going to kill them both with his driving. While the Tramp isn't the most physically capable person in the world, he is certainly more conscious than the drunken Millionaire, who can barely register that he's behind the wheel.

"Yes, I can see now."

The Flower Girl

At the end of the film, the Tramp crosses paths with the Blind Girl to whom he gave money for the surgery to cure her blindness. She has never seen the Tramp until now and this is the first time she's been able to look upon the kind man who helped her in her time of need. The quote shows the momentousness of the meeting, highlighting the fact that while the Flower Girl could never see the Tramp, she can now see him for who he really is.

"Tomorrow the birds will sing."

The Tramp

The Tramp says this to the Millionaire when he finds him trying to commit suicide. He says it in order to encourage the Millionaire to face the difficulties of life by remembering that there is always something beautiful and pleasant to look forward to. The Tramp is the constant fighter, always searching for the best in every situation.

"Come on home, I'll give you a swell party!"

The Millionaire

The Millionaire only recognizes the Tramp when he is drunk. When he is sober, he has no idea who the Tramp is. In this moment, he recognizes the Tramp and wants to show him a good time, so invites him back to the house for a party.


The Flower Girl

The Flower Girl is blind and desperate for money, so she earnestly sits on a street corner selling her wares. While times are hard, she does not lose her sweet and calm demeanor.

Grandmother: He must be wealthy.

Flower Girl: Yes, but he's more than that.

Flower Girl & Grandmother

When the Flower Girl tells her grandmother about the Tramp, after he drives her home, it sounds like he is a wealthy man, and the grandmother is impressed. The Flower Girl assures her, however, that she is interested in him not only for his money, but also because of his heart.


Flower Girl

At the end, the Flower Girl touches the Tramp's hand and recognizes his touch. Having believed that he was a wealthy man, she is surprised to realize that her benefactor is a disheveled and buffoonish clown, but this does not appear to influence her love for him.

Tramp: May I see you home again?

Flower Girl: Whenever you wish, sir.

Tramp & Flower Girl

After he drives the Flower Girl home, the Tramp asks her if he can see her again, and she agrees. This exchange shows that they feel mutual affection for one another.

"Do you want to make some easy money?"

Man at the boxing ring

After the Tramp gets fired from his street-sweeping job, he is desperate for a way to make money to help the desperate Flower Girl. He wanders near a boxing ring, where a man makes this irresistible offer. The problem, however, is that winning a boxing match isn't quite as easy as it would seem.

"No, I'll live."


After nearly shooting himself with a pistol at home, the Millionaire has a sudden change of heart and decides that he wants to live after all. This simple statement, "No, I'll live," shows the curious casualness and changeability of the Millionaire's suicidal impulse. When he is drunk, his judgment is unsound and his mind wanders all over the place.