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Cicero's Orations Character List

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Cicero, a young legal advocate at the time of Pro Roscio Amerino, later become one of Rome's foremost politicians and orators. In this first legal speech, Cicero portrays himself as an inexperienced yet dutiful lawyer. He repeatedly emphasises his lack of worthiness and talent in comparison to the legal veterans in the audience, endearing him to the judges for his modest character. Cicero recognises the importance of his self-portrayal and the persona of the advocate in influencing the outcome of a Roman trial.

Sextus Roscius Jnr.

Sextus Roscius is the defendant and Cicero's client, accused of murdering his father. The Prosecution ascribes to him motives of jealousy, animosity and material greed for inheriting his father's wealth. In contrast, Cicero emphasises Roscius Jnr's rustic lifestyle as proof of his simple, honest character. Cicero also emphasises Roscius good nature as incompatible with the depravity necessary for committing parricide.

Capito and Magnus

Roscius Jnr's relatives who Cicero alleges are responsible for orchestrating Roscius Snr's murder. Following the murder, the two relatives conspire with the leader of Sulla's proscriptions campaign, Chrysogonus, to seize the property of the dead man. Following Roscius Snr's murder, Capito and Magnus are in possession with a significant portion of Roscius' farms and wealth. Capito is present at the trial, thus Cicero takes the opportunity to address him and single him out amongst the court to enhance his argument.

Sextus Roscius Snr.

The murder victim and father of Sextus Roscius Snr, killed near the Baths of Pallacina in Rome. He was a wealthy and influential man, known in his hometown of Ameria and in Rome. Cicero emphasises his honestas and gravitas, as well as his strong relationship with his son. The focus on his wealth also supports the financial motive which allegedly drives Capito and Magnus to orchestrate his death.


A freedman and one of Sulla's most powerful deputies. Chrysogonus was in charge of Sulla's proscriptions campaign, placing people on the state sanctioned 'kill' lists and authorising the seizure of their property. Cicero alleges that Chrysogonus, Capito and Magnus were involved in a plot to proscribe Roscius Snr for the seizure of his property.

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