Christina Rossetti: Poems

The Offering Of The New Law, The One Oblation Once Offered

(Lyra Eucharistica, 1863.)

Once I thought to sit so high

In the Palace of the sky;

Now, I thank God for His Grace,

If I may fill the lowest place.

Once I thought to scale so soon

Heights above the changing moon;

Now, I thank God for delay--

To-day, it yet is called to-day.

While I stumble, halt and blind,

Lo! He waiteth to be kind; 10

Bless me soon, or bless me slow,

Except He bless, I let not go.

Once for earth I laid my plan,

Once I leaned on strength of man,

When my hope was swept aside,

I stayed my broken heart on pride:

Broken reed hath pierced my hand;

Fell my house I built on sand;

Roofless, wounded, maimed by sin,

Fightings without and fears within: 20

Yet, a tree, He feeds my root;

Yet, a branch, He prunes for fruit;

Yet, a sheep, these eves and morns,

He seeks for me among the thorns.

With Thine Image stamped of old,

Find Thy coin more choice than gold;

Known to Thee by name, recall

To Thee Thy home-sick prodigal.

Sacrifice and Offering

None there is that I can bring, 30

None, save what is Thine alone:

I bring Thee, Lord, but of Thine Own--

Broken Body, Blood Outpoured,

These I bring, my God, my Lord;

Wine of Life, and Living Bread,

With these for me Thy Board is spread.