Christina Rossetti: Poems

A Pause Of Thought

I looked for that which is not, nor can be,

And hope deferred made my heart sick in truth:

But years must pass before a hope of youth

Is resigned utterly.

I watched and waited with a steadfast will:

And though the object seemed to flee away

That I so longed for, ever day by day

I watched and waited still.

Sometimes I said: This thing shall be no more;

My expectation wearies and shall cease; 10

I will resign it now and be at peace:

Yet never gave it o'er.

Sometimes I said: It is an empty name

I long for; to a name why should I give

The peace of all the days I have to live?--

Yet gave it all the same.

Alas, thou foolish one! alike unfit

For healthy joy and salutary pain:

Thou knowest the chase useless, and again

Turnest to follow it. 20