Chojun Background

Chojun Background

Chojun was written by Goran Powell, a bestselling author, with an intense passion for practicing karate. He holds a fifth Dan in Goju Ryu Karate and has taught karate while living in London. This historical fiction novel was published during 2012 by YMAA Publication Center.

It tells the story of protagonist Kenichi Ota embracing the art of karate, while enduring the tragedies of World War II, such as the infamous Pearl Harbor attack. His karate master Chojun Miyagi helps Kenichi master the art of karate as well as the art of preserving his culture and the dignity of his people.

Chojun is revered as an inspirational martial arts story by many people who practice some type of self-defense, in addition to those who don't. For example, Lawrence A. Kane, bestselling author of self-defense books, said Chojun is "riveting... Very highly recommended." Kris Wilder, bestselling martial arts author, said "remarkable, it's that good!" On the other hand, Goodreads reviews do indicate some disappointment with Powell's writing style, citing issues with too many historical references and too little karate philosophy, among other things.

Powell's literary talent has earned him several awards, including the 2013 Eric Hoffer Award and the 2013 Benjamin Franklin Award for Historical Fiction.

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