Children of Men

Children of Men Character List


The main character, he is a former political activist turned apathetic employee for the UK's Ministry of Energy after the death of his young son, Dylan, due to a flu epidemic twenty years before. He is recruited by his ex-wife, Julian, to obtain illegal transit papers to escort a refugee woman to the coast. Theo cares about the treatment of refugees, but is jaded by his son's death and his divorce and thus has not taken an activist stand until now.


She is Theo's ex-wife and leader of the Fishes, an insurgent group demanding equal rights for all immigrants to the UK. Julian dealt with their son's death by burying herself in her activism, rising to a leadership position in the Fishes. She is killed in a fight with fugees shortly after beginning their journey to the coast; her death was arranged by Luke, who wanted to take over as the Fishes' leader.


She is a young African refugee woman who has miraculously become pregnant, the first pregnancy in nearly twenty years. She places her trust in Theo to get her to the Human Project, where she and her baby will get the attention they need.


A former midwife who accompanies Kee to the coast, she is determined to give her the care she needs.


The leader of the Fishes following Julian's death, he strongly advocates for what he believes is right—an uprising by the fugees against the government—but is too ambitious for his own good, arranging Julian's death so he can become leader. He wants to use Kee's baby as a political tool to rally others to his cause.


Theo and Julian's young son, he died as a toddler twenty years before the events of this film in a flu epidemic.


A gypsy woman in Bexhill refugee camp, she aids Theo and Kee in reaching a boat to take them out to the Tomorrow.

Baby Diego

The youngest person on Earth at just over eighteen years old, he is killed at the beginning of this film. His death brings about great sadness.


A border officer to whom Jasper sells drugs, he agrees to feign the arrest of Theo, Miriam, and Kee in order to get them into Bexhill, but turns on them later when he realizes how large a bounty is on their heads.


A drug dealer, friend, and father figure to Theo, he was a former political cartoonist and now lives out in the remote woods near Bexhill. He aids Theo in his quest to get Kee to the coast, and is killed attempting to protect them from the Fishes.


Jasper's wife, she is a former photojournalist who is catatonic after being tortured for information towards the beginning of the infertility crisis.

Mr. Griffiths

He is Theo's boss at the Ministry of Energy.


Theo's wealthy cousin, he is an art collector and government official who manages to get Theo the fake transit papers that the Fishes requested. He lives in an old art museum and has dedicated his life to "rescuing" priceless works of art following the infertility crisis.