Children of Blood and Bone Background

Children of Blood and Bone Background

Children of Blood and Bone is a 2018 Young Adult novel written by American-Nigerian author Tomi Adeyemi. It is the first in the Legacy of Orïsha series and was published by Henry Holt Books for Young Readers, and the cover was made by Rich Deas. It is Tomi's debut novel, and is a fantasy following a young girl.

Zélie Adebola is the main character, and she goes on a quest trying to restore magic back to the country she lives in, namely, Orïsha. The society is very much built upon a class system, where those that never practiced magic oppresses those that used to. Zélie, understanding that magic might help her people, will stop at nothing to release it.

Shining light on many important themes, the book manages to show and enlighten the readers on many problems the world has faced and is still facing today, without pointing fingers. The society in Children of Blood and Bone is clearly a parallel to the world we live in today, with races being the splitting line between people. The book is option for a movie under LucasFilm.

Tomi drew a lot of her inspiration to write the book from the world around her that she learn and experiences as she grew. An example she frequently uses is her hair: growing up black, her hair was very different from the white people she met around her, and somehow, she was embarrassed by it. In the book, which features a black girl, her powers lay in her hair. Adeyemi made her own insecurities the strength of her main character, taking back the power the world had stolen from her.

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