Chekhov's Short Stories Background

Chekhov's Short Stories Background

Anton Chekhov was a Russian playwright and short story writer of the nineteenth century. He was born during 1860 in Russia and died during 1904 in Germany. Chekhov possessed rather simplistic yet commendable literary talent as his top plays and short stories lacked intricacy and were down-to-earth.

Chekhov wrote about common trivialities that saturated Russian life, which is somewhat eerie and poetic to the imagination. Also, he cared to show readers deeper and more satisfying levels of his characters' inner worlds, including how they deal with troublesome circumstances.

Opting for a literary path devoid of complex or obtrusive style and tone has allowed him to be recognized as an exceptional writer and influential philosopher of realism. Chekhov made an effort to prioritize quality over the amount of writing he published as his literary talent matured over his active years.

Collections of his short stories are published in several versions and have had great ratings online. Some short story titles include "Ward Number Six," "The Black Monk," and "Peasants."

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