Charlotte Bronte: Poems

Charlotte Bronte: Poems Analysis


The first poem is entitled "Life’’ and in it the narrator discusses the nature of life and how it has an unpredictable nature. The narrator claims in the first stanza that we, as humans, should not get worried when we have problems because life always sorts out and then, eventually, things will sort themselves out and life will regain its course.

In the next stanza the narrator urges her readers to enjoy the good times they have because they come rapidly and they also rapidly pass by. The last stanza mentions what makes people feel sorrow most of the time, namely death. She also mentions how one needs to be courageous in order to be able to go through life successfully.

On the Death of Anne Bronte

The next poem was written shortly after the author’s sister died and the narrator presents her feelings and thoughts about the passing of her sister. The narrator claims there is no joy in the world for her and also she is no longer afraid of death. In fact, she claims she would have happily given up her life just to save her sister. The narrator talks how she would like to see her sister breathe again, to see her chest fall and rise while she breaths.

The poem ends with the narrator claiming she is thanking God for the opportunity to be with her sister even though her passing caused her to suffer. Even though the poem is a short one, it is important because it presents the narrator’s feelings in connection to her sister’s death.


The next poem is entitled "Passion’’ and it starts with the narrator claiming she could face death the next day just to have the chance to experience love one night. In the next stanza, the narrator claims she would do anything just to catch the attention of the object of her admiration and is ready to ‘’fight’’ for it, no matter what.

The narrator suffers, not being able to sleep and suffering during the days as well because she is away from the person she loves. The narrator expresses her desire to go searching for him, going through great dangers just to reach him, willing to pass through dangerous lands and war-torn zones just to be with him. The narrator mentions once more how she is willing to die for him and do what he asks her to do. The narrator continues to talk about how love gives her strength to seek her lover and the narrator compares herself to a soldier returning from war, ready to see his beloved.

The narrator asks her lover if she will be turn away when she returns from war or if he will accept her. The poem ends with the allusion that the man did not accept the narrator’s feelings.


The next poem is entitled "Parting’’ and the narrator starts the poem by claiming there is no use in weeping even if being apart from someone is hard. In the next stanza the narrator mentions how many people have the habit of dwelling on the feelings that harm them and the narrator mentions how such practice is not beneficial. The narrator urges everyone to deal with one day at a time and try and find happiness every day, no matter how hard it may be.

The next stanza mentions one reason many may feel sad and that it being apart from their loved ones. The next stanza goes to claim how even though we may be far from those we love, we will always care about them until the day we die.

The next stanza presents an important image, of a person sitting alone in front of a fire. According to the narrator however, the person is not alone as other hearts beating the same way exist all over the world. Some people may try to break those bods keeping us together but the narrator notes that those bonds will continue to exist and we will always be connected to our fellow humans.

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