Charles Baudelaire: Poems Characters

Charles Baudelaire: Poems Character List

Francois Fenelon

He is referenced in Baudelaire's poem "Spleen." Fenelon was a Roman Catholic archbishop who became famous for writing The Adventures of Telemachus, a prose epic about Odysseus' son.


She is one of the original Greek titans. She's long been associated with the moon and thus prophecy. She appears in "The Fountain," referenced for her lunar qualities.


Destruction is personified as a demon in its self-titled poem. The Demon tempts the narrator to abandon his ambition, religion, and even peace of mind. He's a manipulative, silent force who desires to rob the narrator of everything. Destruction may be compared to the Judeo-Christian concept of Satan, which doubtless is Baudelaire's intent.

The Ragpicker

The ragpicker is the main character of the self-titled poem. He is the one who presses wine for the villagers so that they can drink and forget their woes and the trials of daily life.

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